Friday, August 2, 2013

"Widow Maker" turbo Ls1 RX7FC

Well i wouldn't be bullshitting if i didn't say this car jazz is financially worse than a crack habit,an angry x wife,and a gambling addiction all combined. but hey,better do something ya like than walk through life waiting in line for the next bird to shit on your head. 1 1/2 years and counting,and its still not done. no big sponsors,no big shops,no financial help,just me and my buddies trying to piece together one bad as fuck madza. Here's some more recent pics.

rd1 midwest drift union 2013 5/4/13

This year was has been all about change. Leaving the tattoo shop i worked for since 98, building a new car, and a tornado of other spices in the cooking kettle of life's mystery meat.sometimes we just gotta roll with the my rx7fc still isn't done.its been a long over 1 1/2 year process so far with enough back pedaling and money spent that i could almost just light the thing on fire,but as much as a pain in the tight one it is, one day it will hopefully b more than great.
     so since my own car wasn't ready, a local driver Rich Fisher was willing to be that awesome and let me borrow his car for the event. he's well over 6 feet tasll so i couldn't even touch the had stock angle as well.(I've been spoiled with MA motorsports knuckles for years) So it was difficult relearning how to drive a more street feeling 14 chassis. Had great power but felt like i was jerking off with the wrong got the job done but it just felt weird.i managed to finish the day with 10th.not bad for not driving in forever,on my most hated track in the midwest,in a car I've never driven.but it reminded me why i love this sport so buddies.seeing the guys that live so far that you only really see at events.chilling during and after the event.its not just about stupid cars.there is really so much more to it than that.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

putting it all together

  Its been a crazy ride since i 1st got into drifting in 2007. Going from just a fan of the sport, purchasing a 95 240sx, street drifting,then to competing. 2010 NOS energy most memorable driver,2010 national pro am,2011 NOS driver of the year,2011 national pro am,2011 formula drift pro license. 2012 was a year of change for me.putting things in the right place, Life things and drifting things. Looking forward to making moves in 2013.Time to put it all together.:)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


along with my rx7,i started to build a hatch...stance pro comp coilovers,every stance link in rear,stance solid subframe bushings,kazz 2 way,z32 rear calipers,z32 master cylinder,ichiba 5lug swap,energy poly rack bushings,touge factory inners/outers,stance rack spacers,mike pollards knuckles"magic hooks" ,origin front and rear over fenders,bn body kit,rocket bunny wing,personal steering wheel, recaro pole position seat,buddy club seat rails,smoke tail i build the fc i will also be building this car for the future.

widow maker rx7fc build progress

 all new forged 5.7l ls1.built to please.
 battle version links and awr camber adjusters.also new kazz 2 way diff
1st rx7fc with custom mounted rocket bunny hatch wing

 mangna fuel setup for turbo
 koyo with taurus3.8L fan. with fabbed al custom shroud
 improved racing baffle and oil line adapter
 had a machine shop make angle spacers for  rx7 rack to s14 inners.
 tial wastegate
 garret gt4088r
weds sport sa55 wheels

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

wall love

samuel mercado attackworks artwork

samuel hit me up on fb an said he has been following streethookertrash for awhile, he drew this up an sent it to me. baddass artwork homie!!

finger f**k

Thursday, October 20, 2011


one of the only runs i got at street life tour cause of car fire,fried clutch,and wiring nightmares.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

viking ninja gyspy wizard times

:) petty butt crack

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2011 midwest drift union

so this is how it all happened yuall....rd1 got 1st,,rd2 took 2nd,,,rd3 blew up motor in 1st session of practice,rd4 borrowed a friends car last minute cause the new motor wasnt finished,rd5 was troubled with wiring an clutch issues so couldnt compete.....not how i wanted things to pan out..but somehow finished 4th overall in season,so apparently got my formula drift license.i feel like i coulda ripped hard this season but the cards dont always lay the way u want them 2..working harder than a hooker in hollywood an spending every last penny like some gambling freak show,i finally have reached the next step...not shure what the plan is for next year.goin to take the advice of peeps that know better.a new car is in the works an a diff motor setup will also happen for 2012.thanks to all who have helped/believed in my funky ass.hope 2 learn alot more in the future,an make a new mark in the drifting world. sleep with the lights on:)

street life tour....madness is madness

holy electric neon lama thongs!! what an insane event..where the fu** do i begin,,well finally got blackbeard up an running on fri.rt when leavin ran into a few mechanical an wiring issues.:/took a few hours ta sass it back into shape an left chicago bout 10pm.btw,,,drove blackbeard all the way to track ta break in new motor..what a lil slut he is on the rolled rt after enterin ohio for doin 81 in a speedo has never worked in dat car ever..tasty get to hotel till past 5,got 1 1/2 hours of sleep then hit the track in full zombie mode.breakfast burrito..mmmm,,wellll,,this is how it handled great an suspension was juicy an tight,,but ran into wiring issues,motor cuttin in an out,car fire,,,lol(1st time thats ever happened to me,,matt petty flew into action like a wizard ninja an put that shit out),an clutch issues that were impossible to compete 4 runs in an couldnt risk wall rape with how shit was flyin.. .dang darrrnet shiver me timbers lil missy..i was a tad pissed so i joined the judge tower an so the night of sassyness an cart stunting began.there was rad driving by a few that really stepped up during tandem action.congrats mike pollard for 1st in qual an 1st fo brian peter for winning the midwest drift union series.after the event was filled with cart rally,an wreckless abandonment for self!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......went to a bar bout 1 1/2 blocks away from hotel,kinda remember edgar giving me a big ol shot of that devils sauce,an blacked out like a broken light bulb,apparently tried to walk to room,got lost an slept under a bush till i woke up 5ish outside an trian to figure out wtf was goin on.walked around ohio till found the room,got another 3 hours of sleep, then off to chicago..made it in blackbeard with no plates on till gary rolled again by the fuzz,another ticket to the collection.had to wait fo the guys ta get 2 cmwerks, then rich the owner came back for me in jj's truck/trailer...finally made it back to chicago,never will 4get this 1.happy an sad,,hungover an feelin good all at the same time.what a mind trip..kinda like seein to elderly folks make out on a park bench,,,guess there aint nothin really wrong with it,, but shit jus aint right.thank yew street hooker trash fans..u the fukn best

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

rd4 midwest drift union at nashville more

prob my favorite track of the year.such a rad place.grown a whole new love for kentucky an tenn.well blackbeard couldnt b ready in time 4 this round due to the amount of damage to his motor.*a whole new block was needed*. so my friend Dustin Siemaszek was kewel enough to let me rock his ls1 powered fc.deff was a diff feel but was an amazing ride.was rockin pretty hard in practice, but failed in qualifying due to a bad choice in tire size/compound change rt b4 runnin without testin it no points 4 rd4.but it was a hellava sassy time an i wouldnt have missed it fo nothin..other than an naked women motor jus got assembled an is in blackbeard.havent been fired up forged rods/pistons,duel valvesprings, magic stick 4 cam,new pimp playa push rods,new block,balanced polished crank,arp,new high flow oil pump...pretty much everything is new.hope we get him running again vedyvedy soon..heart set on mass murder rampage rape fest at street life tour..pitty the fool

nashville pics:)